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The Jøtul F 163 wood burning stove is part of the F 160 series which consists of five main variants, with or without side glasses and with different leg options and cast iron bases. Jøtul F 163 is characterised by its large side glasses and three sturdy legs that give the wood stove an easy and modern look. There are also different finish options and you can choose either black paint or maintenance free white enamel. You can also choose an extra feature of a decorative and heat retaining top made of soapstone which retains more heat while the fire is burning. The wood stove is designed for modern living and is suitable for low effect heating. It burns at an optimal level even at 3kW.

  • Suitable for low effect heating
  • Ability to be connected to direct external air
  • Special side glasses that stay clean



  • Dimensions: H: 903mm x W: 450mm x D:447mm
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Log size: up to 33 cm
  • Flue outlet: Ø 150 mm
  • Flue exit options: Top / Rear
  • Nom output: 5.0 kW
  • Efficiency: 82%
  • Heating Capacity: up to 129m²
  • Heating Capacity Cubic: up to 225m³
  • CO Emission: 0.10%
  • Dust Product Emission: 20 mg/Nm³
  • NOx Emission: 120 mg/Nm³
  • OGC Emission: 107 mg/Nm³
  • Close combustion: Yes
  • External air intake: Yes
  • Clean burn: Yes
  • Ash solution: Yes

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