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A business run by a family who’s experience spans 3 generations. Over the past 50 years our family has had a chapter written in every aspect of stoves; installation, design, manufacture, efficient running, issue diagnosis and sales, that’s why we’re called StoveBook.

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Small Stoves

Stoves that have an output of 6kw or less.

Medium Stoves

Stoves that have an output between 6kw and 10kw.

Large Stoves

Stoves that have an output of 10kw or more.

Stoves powered by electricity, requiring only a power outlet and no flue of any kind. ideal for supplementing heat in homes without a chimney.

Stoves powered by Natural Gas. These stoves require flue and a gas connection and will provide enough heat for a small room or supplement the heat in a larger one.

Stoves that are specially designed to convect heat forward so they can be inset into a fireplace with very little space around them.

Stoves whose carbon emissions have been tested by DEFRA and certified suitable for wood burning within smokeless zones.

Stoves with a boiler inside for heating water. Outputs vary wideley and it is wise to get specialist advice before selecting your stove.

Primarily designed for fireplaces that open onto two rooms, these specialist stoves provide heat and the view of a fire from both sides.


Click to see some of our work, StoveBook can arrange everything from simply fitting a pot and a birdguard to a chimney or rebuilding a chimney stack, to full installation including; knockouts and plastering, liner installations and insulation (if required) and even metal flue system installation in properties without chimneys.

Stovebook Bargains

StoveBook offers the best price in the U.K. on all our stoves, but occasionally we go even further. Click to see stoves that are; end of line, reconditioned, manufacturer fired & tested and over stocked stoves.