Di Lusso R6 Inset



Di Lusso is all about new way of thinking. Our engineers determined that a problem with known stoves is that some regions of the firebox may not receive a sufficient supply of air to support combustion. So they invented the Di Lusso Flame Blade technology. Adding an additional secondary air flow with sufficient oxygen to support efficient burning of all the fuel, reducing the emission of smoke and the combustion may be maintained even when the stove is operating significantly below its nominal output. This innovation means the stove can burn effectively and efficiently at both low and high temperatures.

The Di Lusso stoves also features Dynamic Control – These controls appear almost intuitive, enabling the user complete control over the heat output of their stove. Built into a hidden panel, which opens at the lightest touch, simply dial up or down with the Di Lusso control tool to alter the output of your fire. No other fire on the market can achieve this!

With a big capacity and powerful output of up to 12kW (at an average of 4.9kW), the R6 is a hard worker. It’s designed to be mounted at least 56cm up from hearth level, and can be used with wood or other solid fuels (with kit). Boasting the signature Di Lusso good looks and a choice of finishes, the R6 is the perfect combination of form and function.

Recently released there is now an r6 slimline version allowing a slimmer version of the stove so it can fit in your fire place.

Dimensions (mm):
Standard- H595, W750mm, D400
Slimline- H595, W750, D350

*plus 46mm for 4 sided frame version

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For further details about this stove, including the technical specification please see the Di Lusso web site.

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